Every woman wants to have plump and firm breasts, but by the effect of gravity and age, breasts will gradually threatened sagging. Bigger breasts, the higher chance of sagging. In addition to age, lifestyle and eating habits will directly have an impact on the breasts, coupled with the pressure, the humpback, wearing the wrong bra, pregnant and breastfeeding and other factors, will affect the shape of the breast, even by the threat of sagging breasts.

Influence by age and breastfeeding, breast will gradually become shrink, mammary gland will gradually be stretched, sagging breasts will appear. Woman generally one breast weighs about 200-250g, greater can reach 400g. Pregnant women in the rapid growth of the mammary gland during pregnancy, their breast weight can reach 300-600g. Therefore, their chest ligament will cause great burden.

To combat the effects of the nature and bad habits of the breast, wearing highly supportive of lingerie definitely help. Quality lingerie can fully support the breast effectively, not only to improves the curve of the breasts, but also covers the fats from the back, arms, abdomen, good at improving the breast shape.