Bras from different brand in the market have different cut and design, with some brands designing according to breast size and others with bras that are available only in smaller cups. Bodibra offers a wide range of cup sizes, and all our bra designs are available in sizes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J & JJ cups, with measurements ranging from 30/65 to 44/100.

Full cup

Full cup – This is the ideal choice for women with full, rounded or flabby breasts. It covers and holds the breasts fully and provides the necessary support.

1/2 cup – (also known as half a cup)

1/2 cup – (also known as half a cup) Mainly consisting of strapless designs, the size is half a full cup. It only wraps the bottom part of the breasts where there’s full support, while the top part of the breasts are “not covered or wrapped” so you can flaunt your curves. However, wearing 1/2cup bras on a long-term basis will cause breast fat to loosen and gradually move to the underarm area.

3/4 cup

3/4 cup – This cup covers ¾ of the breast. Not only does it support the bottom area of your breasts, it also supports the outer sides. By pushing the breast from the side to the middle and upwards – creating a significant cleavage (or breast line) effect.